Our Story

eracura products were developed over the last 15 years. During that time, I was simply looking for a product that worked for me. I wanted something that didn't irritate my skin or make my eyes water. It also had to be very moisturizing.

After a long day skiing, my face was chapped and I didn't like that. I would try a new moisturizer and my eyes would sting and my skin was blotchy. Typical and even predictable, I went through all kinds of commercial skincare products. I had shelves full of half-used bottles.

My early attempts involved my mother. She smiled politely and said she really liked it although her forehead was very shiny. My friends and neighbors were about the same. About 10 years into the process, I finally found the combination that worked beautifully for me. My mother actually liked it and my friends started asking me to make it for them.

This went on for another 5 years. Finally, I got the idea that maybe I should charge for it. My sister came to help and so eracura came to be. We hope you enjoy the products we offer and find out for yourself just how well they work.

About Us

Growing up in Alaska, my sister and I were in an environment where we were outside a lot. We didn't have a variety of products easily available. We learned how to make do with that we had and how to make things work when we didn't have what we needed. It was very arid.  We spent most of our childhood with chapped lips, chapped cheeks and dry skin bumps. Adolescence was just the opposite, of course. 

When it came to eracura, we wanted products for all skin types. We wanted moisturizers that were versatile. They had to work for the camping trip and the opera, and they had to be effective and gentle.

It was also critical that we have the least impact possible on the environment. We don't believe in unnecessary packing, so all of our jars are glass and are reusable. Our products can be mixed and matched until you come up with the regimen that works best for you.

We hope you enjoy your our products.

- Suzanne